Model 350 Pressure Transmitter

Flush Machined Diaphragm Sensor, Tri-Clamp Fitting

Viatran technology allows for accurate pressure measurement up to 1000 PSI. The transmitter also has no moving parts,
isolation diaphragm, or oil fill to contaminate your process fluid.


 Many Options available
 All Stainless Steel construction


A flush diaphragm inhibits bacterial growth and facilitates Clean in Place (CIP) systems. The quick-disconnect Tri-clamp connections make these transmitters ideal for pharmaceutical, dairy and food processing applications where frequent cleaning is required.

Data Sheet   350-351

Full Scale Pressure Range
0-100, 150. 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1K PSIS, PSIA
Combined Accuracy (Non-linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability)
≤0.4% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA at 70°F (21°C)
Long Term Stability
≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Pressure Connection Effect Zero Balance
Response Time (mechanical & electrical combined)
2 Sec (electronically damped)
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤±2% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Temperature Effect on Span
≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Operating Temperature Range
0°F to 180°F (-17°C to 82°C)
Process Temperature Range
-65°F to 250°F (-53°C to 121°C)
Storage Temperature Limits
-65°F to 250°F (-53°C to 121°C)
Sensor Technology
Bonded foil strain gage
Supply Voltage
9 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation
≤±0.04% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
4 – 20 mA at 70°F (21°C)
Load Impedance
1300 Ohms max at 36 Vdc
≤±0.08% FSO
Zero Balance
4 mA Fzero±5% FSO at 70°F (21°C)
Circuit Protection
Varistor protected across the input leads for surges above 38 V nd currents to 250 Amps peak with a pulse width of 8-20 µSecs. Reverse polarity protected
Bridge Resistance
5000 Ohms nominal
Insulation Resistance
≤100 MegOhms at 50 Vdc
RFI/EMI Suppression
≤1% FSO output change at 30 V meter, 10-1000 mhz
Electrical Connection
1/2” NPT male conduit, 3 wires, 18 AWG, 36”
Wire Color Code
Case Ground