Model 374 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Low Range Differential Pressure, 1000 psi Line Pressure

Viatran’s Model 374 differential pressure transmitters are extremely accurate and durable units, designed specifically for test applications. The variable capacitance sensing technology provides extremely high overpressure protection, and long range stability, as well as high accuracy of 0.15% BFSL.


 High Accuracy
 Many Options available
 Low Pressure Applications


The Model 374 differential pressure transmitter measures pressure ranges from 5″ W.C. to 100 PSID and provides a 4-20 mA output signal. All wetted surfaces, including flanges and diaphragms, are constructed of 316 stainless steel with a sealing Viton® O-Ring for excellent corrosion resistance. A standard 1,000 PSI static line pressure and single side overpressure rating are featured with these transmitters. For applications that require a higher static line pressure rating, 3,000 PSI is available with optional flanges.
Viatran Model 374 also features an internal calibration circuit for easy field set-up, a quick disconnect electrical connection and external zero and span controls. A special option called fast response enables the unit to accurately respond to changes in pressure in approximately one tenth of the standard time.These features make the Model 374 ideal for most industrial test and flow applications.

274-374 datasheet

Full Scale Pressure Ranges
0-5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 750″ W.C.D.
0-15, 50, 100 PSID
Nonlinearity (Best Fit Straight Line)
≤±0.15% FSO
≤±0.08% FSO
≤ ±0.06% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA
Long Term Stability
≤±0.1% FSO per 6 months
Zero Shift w/Line Pressure (%FSO/1000 PSI)
5” WC to 100” WC : ≤ 4%
300” WC to 100 PSI: ≤ 6%
Span Shift w/Line Pressure (%FSO/1000 PSI)
5” WC to 100” WC : 0 to -6%
300” WC to 100 PSI : 0 to -4%
Zero Shift After 1000 PSI Overload
Single Side: ≤± 0.1% FSO
Alternate Sides: ≤±0.5% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range
70°F to 170°F (21°C to 76°C)
Operating Temperature Range
5″WC to 50″WC0° F to +170° F
100″WC to 100 PSI-40° F to +170° F
Storage Temperature Limits
5″WC to 50″WC0° F to +170° F
100″WC to 100 PSI-40° F to +170° F
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤± 2.0% FSO per 100° F
Temperature Effect on Span
≤± 2.0% FSO per 100° F
Supply Voltage
9 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation
≤±0.0001% FSO per Volt change over the supply voltage range
Output Signal
4 to 20 mA
Load Impedance
0 Ohms at 10 VDC
1600 Ohms maximum at 42 VDC
Zero Adjustment
±5% FSO min./ ±50% FSO max.
Span Adjustment
± 10% FSO min. / ±50% FSO max.
Calibration Signal
80% of the FSPR, by shorting pins E & F
Calibration Signal Accuracy
≤±0.1% of the stated value
Circuit Protection
Reverse polarity protected
Insulation Resistance
>1000 MegOhms to case ground at 50 Vdc and 70° F
Response Time
10% to 90% FSFaster response available with NF option.
Electrical Connection
Bendix PT02E-10-6P, mates PT06E-10-6S (SR)
Pin Outs
Pin A               + Signal
Pin B               – Signal
Pin C               Calibrate
Pin D              Calibrate
Pin E               No connection
Pin F               No connection