Model 38M Barometric Pressure Transmitter

4-20 mA, High Accuracy, 850 to 1080 mBar Absolute


 High Accuracy
 Many Options available
 All Stainless Steel construction
 Low Pressure Applications


Viatran’s Model 38M pressure sensor is among our most accurate pressure transmitters for industrial test and research applications. The 38M measures barometric pressure from 850 to 1080 mBarA with Improved Accuracy (Non Linearity) of ≤±0.06% FSO available.


Data sheet  38M Barometric

Full Scale Pressure Ranges (FSPR)
850 to 1080 mBar Absolute
(Optional ranges can be factory set from 0 to 1080 mBarA with a minimum 240 mBarA span)
Static Error Band
≤±0.21% FSO (Includes BFSL, Hysteresis and Repeatability by RSS)
Nonlinearity (Best Fit Straight Line)
≤±0.1% FSO (≤±0.06% FSO with DN option)
Hysteresis & Repeatability
≤±0.18% FSO each
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA at 21°C (70°F) ≤±0.5% FSO standard
Long Term Stability
≤±0.9% FSO per 6 months
Compensated Temperature Range
0° to 77° C (32°F to 170°F)
Process Media Temperature Range
-40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F)
Ambient Operating Temperature Range
-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Storage Temperature Limits
-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤±0.01% FSO per .556°C (1°F)
Temperature Effect on Span
≤±0.01% FSO per .556°C (1°F)
Supply Voltage
8 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation
≤±0.01% FSO per volt change over the supply voltage range
Output Signal
4 – 20 mA
Load Resistance
1050 Ohms max at 30 Vdc
Calibration Signal (isolated)
100%±10% of FSPR
Calibration Signal Accuracy
≤±0.1% of the stated value (marked on unit housing)
Circuit Protection
Input polarity may be reversed. Output may be short-circuited indefinitelyOver voltage protection to 1000 volts according to EN61000-4-5
Insulation Resistance
<5 nS to case ground
Response Time
<2 mSec to reach 90% of full scale
RFI / EMI Suppression
CE EMC compliant per IEC EN 61326-1 & 61326-2-3 Annex BB, CE marked
Electrical Connection
Bendix / Amphenol PT02E-10-6P, mates PT06E-10-6S (SR)
Pin Outs
Pin A               + Power / Signal
Pin B                – Power / Signal
Pin C                Calibrate
Pin D               Calibrate
Pin E               No Connection
Pin F               No Connection
Shell                Ground