Model 510 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

Oil Well Drilling, Cementing, Fracturing and Acidizing


 1502 Hammer Union Pressure Fitting
 RoHS Compliant


Viatran’s years of oil field experience helps us solve typical application problems. The 510 was created as a solution to an application that a customer couldn’t solve. Once solved, we modified the unit to accomplish even more in oil extraction.

Our exclusive semi flush design provides a lower cavity volume to prevent clogging. This eliminates the need for tedious cleaning, especially in cementing applications. Oil Well Drilling, Cementing, Fracturing and Acidizing

Full Scale Pressure Range
0-5K, 6K, 10K, 15K, 20K PSIS (0-345, 414, 689, 1034, 1379 bar)
Combined Accuracy (BFSL)
(Non-Linearity, Hysteresis & Repeatability)≤± 0.25% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA ±1% FSO
Zero Balance
4 mA ±1% FSO
Long-Term Stability
≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Response Time
≤2.5 mSec to reach 90% of FSO
Compensated Temperature
40°F to 140°F (4°C to 60°C)
Operating Temperature
-40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Storage Temperature Limits
-67°F to 302°F (-55°C to 150°C)
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Temperature Effect on Span
≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Supply Voltage
10.5 to 28 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation Effect (Calibrated at 12 Vdc)
≤±0.01% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
4 – 20 mA at 70°F (21°C)
Loop / Load Impedance
750 Ohms at 24 Vdc decreasing linearly to 0 Ohms @ 9 Vdc
Range Calibration Signal
100% of FSPR
Calibration Power
7.5 to 28 Vdc at 15 mA nominal
Calibration Signal Accuracy
≤±0.2% FSO. The exact signal to pressure correlation is provided with each unit
Circuit Protection
Varistor protected across the input leads for surges to 1000V at 50 microsecondsReverse polarity protected
Bridge Resistance
10K Ohms nominal
Insulation Resistance
< 5nS to case ground
Electrical Connection
Mates with Bendix P/N PT06E-10-6S(SR) or equivalent
PIN A          +Power/Signal
PIN B          -Power/Signal
PIN C           No connection
PIN D          No connection
PIN E          +Calibration
PIN F          -Calibration
Some models are provided with customer specified wiring. Consult Viatran for exact wiring connections.