Model 571 Pressure Transmitter

Sealed External Adjustment, Hazardous Approvals, 0-100 thru 100K psi


 Many Options available
 All Stainless Steel construction
 High Pressure Applications




571 is Viatran’s answer to the requirement for Hazardous Location approvals with external sealed adjustments. 571 is rangeable, offering the user flexibility if measuring different pressure levels.

571 datasheet

Full Scale Pressure Range (FSPR)
0-50 thru 100K PSIA / PSIS
Combined Accuracy (Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability)
≤0.3% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA at 70°F
Long-term Stability
≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Response Time (Mechanical & Electrical Combined)
≤20mSec to reach 90% of FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤±0.5% FSO per 100°F
Temperature Effect on Span
≤±0.5% FSO per 100°F
Temperature Effect on Zero and Span combined at 5:1 Range Down
≤±4.0% FSO per 100°F
Compensated Temperature Range
70°F to +170°F
Maximum Operating Temperature
Minimum Operating Temperature
Non-operating Temperature Range
-65°F to 250°F
Supply Voltage
12 to 30 VDC
Power Supply Regulation
≤±0.02% FSO per volt
Output Signal
4-20 mA at 70°F
Load Impedance
900 Ohms maximum at 30 VDC
Zero Adjustment Elevation
-100% of FSO
+50% of FSO
Span Adjustment
Rangeable down 5:1 from standard range
Range Calibration Signal
20% of FSPR externally switched
Calibration Signal Accuracy
±1.0% FSO. The exact signal to pressure correlation is provided with each unit.
Circuit Protection
Varistor protected across the input leads for surges above 40V and currents to 250A peak with a pulse width of 20 μSec. Reverse polarity protected.
Bridge Resistance
5K Ohms nominal
Insulation Resistance
≥5 nS to case ground
RFI/EMI Suppression
Negligible to 500 MHz at 5 Watts direct contact
Electrical Connection
1/2″ NPT Male, 18 AWG, 72″
Wire Color Codes
Case Ground