Model 574 Pressure Transmitter

Low Range Differential Pressure, Hazardous Location Approval


 High Accuracy
 Many Options available
 Low Pressure Applications


Viatran’s 574 Series differential pressure transmitters are extremely accurate and durable units, designed specifically for test applications. 574 comes with hazardous location option and has sealed external zero and span adjustments. The variable capacitance sensing technology provides extremely high overpressure protection, and long range stability, as well as high accuracy of 0.15% BFSL.

Model 574 differential pressure transmitter employs variable capacitance sensing technology for extreme reliability and high accuracy. The 574 measures pressures from 5” WC to 100 PSI with over pressure protection to 3000 PSI. The all welded 316 stainless steel construction allows the airtight and watertight 574 to be in corrosive environments, including salt air or caustic solutions.

External zero, span and calibration controls are hermetically sealed, yet are easily adjusted with Viatran’s magnetically coupled drive system. The signal conditioner in the 574 allows for 5:1 ranging of the transmitter’s
standard pressure range.

574 datasheet

Full Scale Pressure Ranges
0-5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 750″ W.C.D.
0-15, 50, 100 PSID
Nonlinearity (Best Fit Straight Line)
≤±0.15% FSO
≤±0.1% FSO
≤ ±0.1% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO)
16 mA at 70° F (21°C)
Long Term Stability
≤±0.1% FSO per 6 months
Zero Shift with Base Pressure
≤±2.0% FSO per 1000 PSI
Span Shift with Base Pressure
≤±1.0% FSO per 1000 PSI
Zero Shift After 3000 PSI Overload
Side Angle: ≤± 0.1% FSO
Alternate Angle: ≤±0.5% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range
70°F to 170°F
Operating Temperature Range
5″WC to 50″WC0° F to +170° F
100″WC to 100 PSI-40° F to +170° F
Storage Temperature Limits
5″WC to 50″WC0° F to +170° F
100″WC to 100 PSI-40° F to +170° F
Temperature Effect on Zero
≤± 1.0% FSO per 100° F
Temperature Effect on Span
≤± 1.0% FSO per 100° F
Supply Voltage
10 to 40 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation
≤±0.02% FSO per volt over supply voltage range
Output Signal
4 to 20 mA
Load Impedance
1500 Ohms maximum at 40 Vdc
Zero Adjustment
-100% FSO elevation to +50% FSO suppression of the standard range
Span Adjustment
Rangeable down, 5:1 from standard range
Calibration Signal
20% of FSPR externally switched
Calibration Signal Accuracy
≤±1% of the stated value
Circuit Protection
Varistor protected across the input leads for surges above 40V and currents to 250 Amps peak with a pulse width of 8 x 20 µSec.Reverse polarity protected
Insulation Resistance
>1000 MegOhms to case ground at 40 Vdc and 70° F
Response Time
10% to 90% FSFaster response available with NF option.
Electrical Connection
1/2” NPT male, 3 wires, 18 AWG
Wire Codes
RED               + Signal / Power
BLACK           – Signal / Power
GREEN          Case Ground