Model 59T Level and Temperature Transmitter

Integral Temperature Sensor, 0-40″wc thru 835’wc, PUR Cable Standard, Stainless Steel Sensor and Housing

The Model 59T is a dual output Temperature and Level Transmitter able to measure temperatures up to 158°F. A higher accuracy option is available to .25%. PVC and FEP cables are also available. A complete range of accessories for use in level applications are available, many from stock.


 IP-68 Rated
 All Stainless Steel construction
 RoHS Compliant
 Low Pressure Applications



The Model 59T dual output Temperature/Level Transmitter measures temperatures as low as 32°F thru 158°F.  Polyurethane cable is standard.  Different cable materials and o rings are available.

Use it to measure Liquid Level and Depth for Water and Waste Water applications, Lift Stations, Reservoirs and Dams, Rivers, Holding Ponds, Wells, In-ground / Above Ground Tanks and with Inventory Tank Gauging.

Ranges from 0-40″WC thru 15 ‘WC have combined accuracy of +/- .50% FSO

Ranges greater than 15′ WC have combined accuracy of +/- .35% FSO

An improved accuracy on ranges >15’ is available at 0.25% FSO.

Viatran also offers a complete range of accessories for use in level applications such as a surge protector, cable hangers and weights, meters and junction boxes.


Data sheet  59T Submersible Level Transmitter

Pressure Ranges
0-50, 100 Inches Water Column, 0-2, 3, 5 PSI
Combined Accuracy (Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability)
≤±0.50% FSO for ranges < 15 Ft. W.C.
Compensated Temperature Range
32° to 158° F (0 to 70° C)
Operating Temperature Range
14° to 158° F (-10 to 70° C) Note: Medium must not freeze near sensor
Storage Temperature Range
-13° to 158° F (-25 to 70° C)
Long Term Stability (%FSO)
≤±0.1% FSO / year at reference conditions
Thermal Effect on Zero
≤±0.8% FSO per 100° F
Thermal Effect on Span
≤±0.8% FSO per 100° F
Temperature Accuracy
≤±1.8° F (1°C)
Output Signal
4-20 mA (for both the Pressure & Temperature)
Supply Voltage
10 -30 Vdc (for both the Pressure & Temperature)
Power Supply Regulation
<±005% FSO per volt
Circuit Protection
Reverse polarity protected, CE marked
CE EMC cmpliant as per IEC EN 61326
Voltage Spike Protection
Withstand 1000 volt spike per EN 61000
Response Time