Model 811 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

mV output, 2″ Figure 1502 fitting


 1502 Hammer Union Pressure Fitting
 RoHS Compliant
 IP-68 Rated
 High Pressure Applications
 Shunt Calibration circuit option


811 is Viatran’s state of the art hammer union pressure transducer with a millivolt output that was developed in direct response to requests from the field. Built with a patented* housing which can withstand extreme vibration, abusive impact and will continue to perform to specification.
Ruggedized Connector Cables sold separately.

Patented* Design to withstand extreme vibration and abusive impact

Impervious to Fluid Ingress with patented angled connector base, drain ports, and sealing method

Easy Access Connector Housing – 77% greater area

Improved sealing method for connector pins

RoHS compliant

Expanded compensated temperature range option

Shunt calibration option

* US Patents D711266 , US 9,607,596 B2

* EU Patent No. 002334250-001

*CN Patent ZL 201330 527540.1

811 datasheet